Kathak India

Such a nice workshop learning lucknow gharana was an great moment for me thankyou soo much guruji gurumaa n nanu bhaiya for this eagerly waiting for next workshop..

Trishi Mehra, Indore

It was a new approach in terms of technology. Though it's good for the people who haven't learnt before from guruji but I as a student of his felt that if it was real then it would have been super duper awesome. But nevertheless this was also loaded with lots and lots of things and memories. I hope we all meet super soon for a in person workshop. .

Raghav Monga, New Delhi

In workshop I feel very positive vibes which is very important for new learners and yes I want to appreciate you all for this initiative because it was like my dream comes true when I was learning kathak by Guru ji, Triibhuvan ji and Ruby mam. Thank you soooooooo much for this opportunity and I request you whenever you keep these things in future please informed us.

Damyanti Bhatia Miradwa, Indore

The whole approach of sharing knowledge and making us understand is great. choreography of every bol is very beautiful. Prompt in sharing audios and videos help me to correct myself. I would like to continue the classes on regular basis. Also i would like to add if we can send our few videos of the bol we have learnt in workshop and maharaj ji can correct us, that would be great.

Rashmi Mishra, Mumbai

A soul satisfying time that not only taught the technique of Kathak but also how to approach every movement with a certain thoughtfulness. Truly enriching. .

Shinjini Kulkarni, Noida

I am very gratefull to Guruji, Guru ma and Nanu bhaiya for arranging this kathak workshop. I learned a lot during these five days and i look forward for more such workshops. Thank you Guruji.Guru ma and Nanu bhaiya for motivating me towards dance. Thank you so much, I love you all.

Ayaana Shukla

It was a very nice to learn from great masters. I learnt many things which and made many memories which I will carry with me my whole life. Thank you so much for organizing this workshop. Lastly, I hope you all will keep organizing more online workshops as it is difficult for us to go there.

Priyadarshini Bhuyan