Director's Thoughts

A name symbolizes the significance of work that one aspires to render. In conjuction it percives history. The name of the institute restores the contribution of maestro Shri Pt. Birju Maharaj to the field of Kathak. The tradition and teaching imparted by him continues to be aim of the institute and our efforts are directed towards extending his glory. The establishment of this institute is born out of the spirit of Maharaj Ji and his vision of Kathak.

The institute encourages the practice of Kathak as a tradition. Guru Shishya Parampara predominates the character of the institute where the disciples learn the art in its core form.
We aspire to evolve the institute to a standard in itself, where it echoes of its epoch and features as a yardstick for Kathak for generation to come. A course running 7 days a week would be necessary in order to realize our dream.

The unfolding of the discipline must embody the traditional pattern of training. That is what we envision, this is what we aspire for!
It remains the responsibility of the parents as well, to continue to encourage and motivate their wards to delve deeper into the body of art.

In the future, I hope/aspire to be able to create a space where Gayan, Vadan and Nritya will all be present as a composite culture whose essence will form the spirit of this profound institute of Kathak.

With Blessings

Jai Kishan Maharaj


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